Acquisition Career Please Help

Looking to get back into the career field of Acquisitions heres my story.  Back in 2000 I was a junior in college and was accepted into the Career Intern Program with the Defense Logistic Agency. Well back then I was young and thought I was going to the NFL, well I graduated with a 2.6 GPA again I was young back then 2.5 was acceptable., I have read the requirments have changed. It is a concern but not much because I do have relevant expierence including government (TSA) I know but anyway, In the last I would say 3 years I have been active in looking for a way back into program I have been eligible on a number of application but not referred. I have been referred on two application but no response from hiring official. I have emailed, I have even look into the Acquisition Institute to take classes on my own. I have recieved advice from go back and try to get masters degree to keep trying you have qualifications but what to do. In the community opinion should I go back to school and keep my grades up and takes steps to get back in the program on keep with the email and persistance any help would be appreciated also if anyone has any contacts feel free to drop me a email at [email protected]

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