Announcing … Fantastic lineup of Fall classes from Power Teaching students

In August, I ran another session of my Power Teaching class. Another extremely smart and enthusiastic group joined in intensive study of effective training design and development, and worked on real, live classes that they are launching this Fall. I love teaching this class for three reasons:

  • It is exceptionally energizing to share my passion for teaching with completely open and eager participants
  • They really worked their hearts out to apply great design to their classes, ensuring a superior learning experience for their students
  • They were extremely generous with each other, sharing ideas and feedback the entire two months we worked together

An important part of the course design was working on REAL classes launched to REAL people.

Here is the amazing variety of classes they created. I would appreciate it so much if you take the time to see what they have developed, and if you feel drawn to learn from these amazing teachers, sign up for their classes!

If you want to put your name on the waiting list for a future Power Teaching class, sign up here.

Go Power Teachers!



Nuts & Bolts Of Starting A Coaching Business

Presented by Deborah Rose

Are you a new coach and ready to start your business and don’t know what to do first? Learn about naming your business, applying for a Business License, Understanding Insurance, Accounting Options, Opening a Checking Account and answers to many other questions.

List Building Essentials for Coaches

Presented by Elizabeth (Lizi) Gorostiza

You just graduated as a Coach, you’re ready to start your online business and think to yourself now what? If you want to grow your business not just to survive, but to actually thrive then you MUST grow your LIST. In Elizabeth’s new home-study program, in 5 Easy Lesson she will give you many tips and resources to help guide you through the process of growing your client list and building a successful business.



How To Turn Networking Into Actual Business

Presented by Caroline Ceniza-Levine

In “How To Turn Networking Into Actual Business”, we debunk commonly held networking myths that are holding you back. You will learn strategies to take stock of your network, follow-up without pestering, engage your network so they WANT to help you, and ask for what you need. This is an approach created by a non-salesperson for people who are anxious about selling and want a relationship-centered solution.



Show Me How-To Buy A Laptop

Presented by Ms. Terry Lee aka @QueenGeek

Do you want a laptop, but have no idea how to decide which one to buy? Do technical terms such as memory, CPU and hard disk confuse you? Are you a student, business owner/consultant, or artist/musician who wants to know the features to look for in a laptop? Then this e-course is for you.

In just a short amount of time, you will learn how to choose the best laptop for YOU. Show Me How-To Buy a Laptop demystifies the technical terms by explaining them in non-Geek Speak. As an example, you will find out how computer memory is like the memory in your brain. The e-course offers a road map to follow so you know how much computer memory to buy; how to decide between Windows or Mac (or both); how to avoid costly pitfalls; backing up your information and so much more. Don’t waste time researching in a vacuum when you can follow a road map that will guide you through the process with guidelines and demos to follow.

Limited Time Bonus – a “cheat sheet” for you to use when shopping for your laptop.



How to Create Your International Career

Leslie Forman is offering How to Create Your International Career. Have you ever dreamed of working in China? Chile? India? Brazil? This complementary online course includesexercises to help you think through the process of creating your international career, lessons learned from Leslie’s 5+ years living and working in China and Chile, reflections on what it means to be a global citizen, and reviews of the most useful books and resources.



Draw and Paint what you Love

Artist Pauline Agnew, is offering “Draw and Paint what you Love”, a dynamic interactive five week Art E-course that will explore drawing and painting not as separate activities, but as complementary processes that feed each other and us, as we engage with them.

An accomplished artist herself, Pauline’s teaching style is described as “Playful, immersive, thought provoking and fun.



Entrepreneurial Nitch 101

Presented by Rebecca Clark

Do you have a big idea? Are you looking to make a change from employee to entrepreneur? Or, have you already taken the leap and wondering if you are the right fit for the approach you’ve taken?

Your Entrepreneurial Nitch 101 is a course designed to help you discover how your past, personality, and performance factors can help you fit align your entrepreneurship goals to your passion.



What Matters Most 365: Life By Design™

Presented by Jennifer Bailey

What Matters Most 365:  Life By Design™ is an 8-week, intensive, one-on-one, virtual bootcamp for making the next 365 days your best yet. Are you ready to stop frittering away your days and finally live a fuller, more satisfying life? You can start right now by learning how to design—and live—each day of your life around what matters most to you.



Parenting the Child You Didn’t Expect When You Were Expecting

Presented by Margaret Webb

This 6 part tele-class is designed to help parents of children with special needs find more peace and joy in parenting. For those on this unexpected journey, learn tools and strategies to help you navigate and proceed as a leader with whatever life throws at you. Parenting may not be what you expected but it can be filled with peace and joy!




Presented by Rebecca Murphy

The story you tell ABOUT your life, is how you EXPERIENCE your life. What’s your story? Use your camera to uncover the story you’re really telling and learn how to change it one photo at a time. Find your way back to confidence, passion, truth, & joy, and discover how to have more  every day. Click here for Storyteller: an e-course in LIVING your REAL story. 


Mo’Jo: Transform Your Thinking

Presented by Jo Pillmore

Discover how to identify those thoughts that keep you stuck in your life. Learn how to hit the Pause button before your thinking hits overwhelm and turn on Reboot tools that can help you take action. This is going to be fun, challenging, inspiring, sometimes a stretch, thought shifting, informative and transformational.



Get ‘er Done Goals - Creating real change through seedling sized goals.

Presented by Corinne Eding

Achieving a goal doesn’t need to be a huge or overwhelming task. Like a small plant creates big change through growing and breaking up a cement sidewalk, so can a smaller, seedling size goal, create big change in your life. If you have a hard time getting things done, or just want some fantastic support Get ‘er Done Goals will give you the skills and support to make that much needed change in your life.


Know Where You Are Going NOW!

Gabrielle Conde is offering Know Where You Are Going NOW! A FREE video course that helps you know the steps to take you from pain to life path and realize all the amazing things you can do, even see the love of your life. Find your life path now!



From Depression to Exhilaration!

Presented by Heidi Nord

In this course, From Depression to Exhilaration, you will learn about how brain hormones and chemistry affect your mood. Learn how to create these hormones in your brain naturally, while creating new neural networks for optimal brain health.



Choose Your Career in 90 days: Making The Best Choice For Young Adults

Presented by Donovan Grant

Young adults facing decisions about their future careers are often worried on a number of things. Two of the most concerning are firstly, making a choice feels like it’s a huge decision and they don’t want to get it wrong. And secondly, some young people just haven’t found their passion yet and they don’t want to end up like the many 40-somethings who they see work a 9-5 job and hate it! This class will help teens and young adults to realize that it’s okay to be uncertain and they can explore, discover and choose the right career path for them.


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