It just got easier to book yourself solid


When I started my coaching practice, I felt extremely awkward when I talked with prospective clients. Asking for a sale felt like torture. And I was so excited about anyone at all hiring me for my services that I didn’t really consider whether they were a good fit or not.

Thankfully, seven years ago I found  Book Yourself Solid by Michael Port, which gave me an extremely clear framework and tools for selling my services.

One of the reasons why I liked the book so much is that Michael operates out of a personal value set of service and integrity. When I got to know him personally a couple of years after reading his book, this was totally reinforced. He has been a friend, mentor and ally for many years.

So I was so excited when he told me that he just released a brand new version of Book Yourself Solid which is fully illustrated.

As a visual learner, this made me very happy.

Here are some examples from the book:

Easy to understand module overviews


Complex topics made clear


Worksheets that you can print out and use immediately to close more business


A well-written book can open your mind and give you ideas.

A well-illustrated book can help you remember these ideas and take action.

Check out the brand new Book Yourself Solid Illustrated here:

Thanks for everything you have taught me, Michael, I look forward to hearing the stories from my readers who get value from your book!

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