Ode to my 5-year old girl

Most of what I remember on October 1, 2007 was walking around my neighborhood in endless circles, hoping to feel some strong contractions coming soon.

You took your time, little one, to come to the world.

But when you came … it was like a freight train hit me. A sure sign of what was to come.

As my life heated up, you kept your even keel. No matter what was happening around you, you were full of smiles.

You loved your family. And felt the warmth and strength of your heritage.

You savored the little things.

And felt the beauty of nature around you.

Your bond with your brother grew strong.


You grew.

Your heart grew.

Your art grew.

Your power grew.

And your spirit grew.

Now, on the day of your birth, five years later, I can only say:

Thank you for choosing me.

You bring me joy, medicine and strength.

I love you.

Happy birthday Angela Rose.

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