Secret to Success: Try daily. Smile. Stay in your lane. Build strength.

In Arizona, school starts on August 8.

My daughter Rosie started kindergarten this year. On the playground, there is a set of monkey bars.

Kids line up for a turn to cross. Many of Rosie’s peers were already flying across the bars with confidence on the first day of school. One girl would smile as she swung backwards across the bars in just a few seconds.

Rosie would line up for her turn, and hang on the first bar until her hands slipped off.

She had a big smile on her face.

Then she would turn around and get back in line.

She would hang on the first bar again until her hands slipped off.

She would do this until the school bell rang.

Her hands developed blisters, then calluses.

She did this every day. Starting on August 8.

Today, October 23, she crossed the whole set of bars for the first time.

She was strong enough.

She was brave enough.

She knew what she had to do.

She was not worried about anyone else.

She was ready.

I think there is a big lesson there for us entrepreneurs.

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