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Editor’s Note: A Sign That Things are Getting Better Here

It’s been a while since I heard anyone express much optimism in government contracting.

Are You In A Glass Case of Emotion?

“Emotional intelligence.” The phrase conjures the image of a therapist and a couch, but in reality being more emotionally intelligent you can help relieve stress, help you communicate effectively, help you empathize with others, overcome challenges, and defuse conflict. Being emotionally intelligent is one of the keys to mastering your career. ...

Air Force Pins its Future on ‘Strategic Agility’

The Air Force's latest strategy document calls for a service that's more agile in just about everything it does. It also acknowledges it may take a few decades to achieve that.

911 Made Safer – Protecting EMTs!

We’ve all seen an ambulance racing down the street, sirens blaring, weaving in and out of traffic. But sometimes in the rush to get to the hospital in the fastest way possible another tragedy can strike. Meet the fed who is making ambulances safer!

If You Want to Succeed, Be Willing to Fail

Agencies must work harder to foster innovation and risk-taking in their acquisition process and contractor workforces, according to agency procurement officials.
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