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‘Do or Do not. There is no try.’ And more from AFFIRM’s Monthly Speaker Series

One of AFFIRM’s monthly panels looked at successful IT projects in government, the challenges faced, and the factors that contributed to their success, all with their unique visions in their agencies.

Media Bullseye Roundtable 2014.8 with Guest Co-Host Shel Holtz

In this episode of the Roundtable, we welcome Shel Holtz, co-founder of the FIR Podcast Network, to discuss three topics: – Why the C-Suite doesn’t get social media — and what can be done about it, including teaching social media advocates more about business. – How to use internal influencers to augment announcements ...

8 Books You Need to Read This Summer

In a few short weeks kids will be back to school. So in order to help you get back into the knowledge cycle, Tom Fox from the Partnership for Public Service has eight books you need to read.

What’s it for?

and How will we know if it worked? Answer these two questions first, please. If it's worth doing, it's worth knowing before you do it. A hammer is for getting nails into wood, and it's pretty easy to tell if...        

Is It Really So Weird That I Want to Tackle the Obesity Epidemic?

I’ve been working to support a 90 Day Health Challenge that works at two purposes: to help YOU deal with losing weight and at the same time, help kids battle obesity. Some people have asked me what THAT’s all about. Let me tell you! MOST Everyone We Know Needs To Get Healthier Continue Reading
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