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Jeff Neal Urges Organization’s to Update Their Outlook on Senior Executive Service

The SES workforce is among the many positions federal government must reform if it hopes to attain a savvy workforce. But the SES force should sit atop the agenda because if government wants to recruit the best talent they should already have it at the top.

‘Do or Do not. There is no try.’ And more from AFFIRM’s Monthly Speaker Series

One of AFFIRM’s monthly panels looked at successful IT projects in government, the challenges faced, and the factors that contributed to their success, all with their unique visions in their agencies.

how to make your boss adore you

It occurred to me recently that every boss I’ve ever had has told me at some point that I’m easy to work with. I’ve been thinking about why, and here’s what I’ve come up with. (To be clear, I’m far from perfect at this stuff; I just strive in this direction. Also, doing this stuff requires ...

my boss makes us all keep kosher for Passover

A reader writes: I work for a very small family business, with seven staff, four of whom are Jewish of various levels of observance. The owner, who is the second generation of the family and president of the company is an Orthodox Jew. While he is not pushy about his faith and the observances that […] my boss makes us all keep kosher ...

too much info is killing your productivity, brainstorming doesn’t work, and more

First, a note: If you need an I.T. person for a Mac-based environment, the best one I’ve ever known is looking for work in Colorado. I can personally vouch for his awesomeness. Email me if you want to be connected. Over at Intuit QuickBase’s Fast Track blog today, I take a look at several big work-related […] too much ...
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