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Jeff Neal Urges Organization’s to Update Their Outlook on Senior Executive Service

The SES workforce is among the many positions federal government must reform if it hopes to attain a savvy workforce. But the SES force should sit atop the agenda because if government wants to recruit the best talent they should already have it at the top.

‘Do or Do not. There is no try.’ And more from AFFIRM’s Monthly Speaker Series

One of AFFIRM’s monthly panels looked at successful IT projects in government, the challenges faced, and the factors that contributed to their success, all with their unique visions in their agencies.

8 Books You Need to Read This Summer

In a few short weeks kids will be back to school. So in order to help you get back into the knowledge cycle, Tom Fox from the Partnership for Public Service has eight books you need to read.

Catching Tax Frauds: Be the Investigator, Not the Adjudicator

Recent developments of tax fraud have bewildered many to learn that the tax cheats were working underneath the government's own roof. One agency is working to prevent these evasions from happening again.

Alan Balutis Talks Potential New Legislation

Everyone is talking about IT reform – but does anyone know how to implement it? Doesn’t seem like it.
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