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Open Data Guidelines Redux – What You Need To Know

Open data is no longer just a fad. We’re now living in a world that demands government data be open to the public. So how can agencies cope? Last year the Sunlight Foundation came out with their Open Data Policy guidelines. The goal of the guidelines was simple: get government started on the path to openness and transparency. A year later, ...

Data Transparency in Action: New York Opens Up

Have you ever wondered how many traffic tickets New York disseminates every year? Or how many health outbreaks affect the Empire state? Now you can. Open NY is the state’s transparency and openness initiative. We get a status check two years in.

Can We Ever Get Off The Pay Carousel – Or Just Keep Going Around?

It seems like every few months the pay debate comes up again – or more accurately, it comes up every election cycle. Pay is a constant source of tension, but if we’re really going to solve the debate once and for all, there needs to be serious reforms to the civil service -- not just compensation. Insights from the former president of NTEU, ...

DorobekINSIDER Live: More Than Just Big Data, Big Careers

There's so much talk about big data these days. Today on GovLoop’s DorobekINSIDER LIVE, we talked to some people at the front lines of big data: the chief data officers. These are the people who are really making big data an effective tool for government.

Are You Happy? Clap Along If You Feel Like Gov Is For You

Are you happy in your job? What do you think about government? How do you view your job? Is the government working as effectively as it could? These are just a few of the questions that the Office of Personnel Management asks in its annual Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey. Taking a cue from Pharrell William’s catchy song “Happy,” OPM is ...