Agencies plan to turn on cloud services, but not to turn off legacy systems

Agencies aren't planning--at least in plans sent to the Office of Management and Budget--on when they'll turn off the legacy information technology systems that new cloud-based services are meant to replace, finds the Government Accountability Office.

For a report (.pdf) dated July 11, the GAO examined plans that seven large federal agencies sent to OMB in compliance with a requirement that they migrate three IT services into the cloud by June 2012. Six of the 20 plans total that the seven agencies sent over were for new services, so there is no legacy system to be turned off. But for the remaining 14, agencies neglected to say when they'll shut off the old systems.

Having a plan to retire legacy systems, the GAO notes, would ensure "that savings generated from retiring systems are realized."

Auditors also fault agency plans for lack of specificity in other matters, stating that only one included all of the key requirement elements, which include matters such as estimated costs and major milestones.

Two of the agencies reviewed by auditors acknowledged they wouldn't meet the June deadline (the Agriculture Department and the Small Business Administration) but said they'll have three cloud services up and running by the end of December.

For more:
-download the report, GAO-12-756 (.pdf)

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