Case Studies in Government Use of Cloud Computing

The Fall Cloud Computing and Virtualization meetings are looking for papers to be presented.  Here is the link: Fall Cloud and Virtualizaton Conference

For the govt cloud computing sessions, there will be two tracks, planning through sourcing and implementation to benefits.  The planning through sourcing track is looking for case study papers from government employees on how they or their agency figured out its requirements (including security), did market research and developed an RFP or task order, and conducted the procurement.  For the implementation to benefits track, they are looking for case studies from either government or industry on how a cloud service was implemented and the results (cost, benefits, service levels met or not).  Both tracks are looking for lessons learned insights. It would be very useful to the community to get real world insights and practices that can be quickly put to work in achieving the OMB guidance on the FY2014 budget prep. 

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