11 Things A Business Could Do With the New Vine App

The new app Vine gives you six seconds of Video. Now what? Vine

The folks at Twitter just released a new brief video making application called Vine. It’s being called an “Instagram for video” or maybe “Another way to do Seesmic” (I’d say). If you’re a business person, you’ll hear about this in a little while, and think, “Okay. Now what do I do with THAT?” I have a few thoughts that come right to mind. You’ll probably have more.

If you do, feel free to leave them in the comments!

11 Things A Business Could Do With the Vine Application

  1. Help prospects see your offering’s dimensions before buying.
  2. Demo a really simple how-to that’s eluding a customer.
  3. Do quick personal introductions via virtual meetings.
  4. About a million uses at a trade show. Booth stuff. Identifying prospects. Pointing out meeting locations.
  5. Demonstrate room-ready housekeeping checks in hotels.
  6. Super brief product show-off videos.
  7. Fastest house walk through ever for real estate pros.
  8. Field site visit checklist in visual form.
  9. Before, during, and after shots of the great haircuts and styles you give.
  10. Headshots for talent agencies or hiring agencies. (Hat tip Steve Garfield).
  11. Share your new website design.

It’s early days, obviously, but I thought I’d get our thinking caps on early in the process, so we can decide what this will mean for us. If anything. Personal use? That’s easy. But how will a business use it? That’s where it can get fun.

A Few Examples

I just learned from Chris Tromp that a few companies are already doing some neat stuff with Vine. Check out:


to see what’s what!

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