7 Ways to Bore the Hell Out of People

7 seems like a great number I was looking at the news flow stream thing on LinkedIn just now. Don’t ask. But you know, I thought I’d see if anything was worth my time. I found that pretty much every post fell into two categories: “go to my thing” or “read my bland and boring article.” So, a fun idea came to mind.

7 Ways to Bore the Hell Out of People

  1. Use graphics everyone else would use. Especially people in suits or weird stick men and dollar signs.
  2. Make sure you use a number in the post title, unless it’s an event. Then just say “new event” or “premier event” or “save your seat.”
  3. Use bombastic titles and claims like, “The most outrageous ___ you’ll ever see, and that’s not the half of it!”
  4. Make splelling errors. Ltso of them.
  5. Write the same post as someone else.
  6. Report on rumors.
  7. Forget to finish your post.

Our attention is so precious, so finite. Why waste it?

Heck, this post is a waste. Stop reading it. Do something else. Listen to my podcast instead.

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