Agenda for ImpactNEXT on Tuesday

You might not yet have decided whether you’re coming to join me for ImpactNEXT on Tuesday. I wanted to share the agenda with you so you’d know what we’re planning:

ImpactNEXT Agenda

8:00AM Arrival and Checkin
8:35AM Kickoff of Mastering the Digital Channel
8:40AM Business and the Digital Channel (MSS)
8:45AM The “B” Strategy, The Homebase Strategy
8:50AM A mobile-first world
9:00AM 10 minute assessment
9:10AM Review
9:20AM Finding Your Buyer, Earning Referrals
9:30AM Seven Quick Fixes for Your Main Website
9:40AM Your Online Presence – Make Some Changes
10:00AM 20 Minute Break (check your email and stuff)
10:20AM Homebase and Outpost Strategy Deeper Dive
10:40AM Presence Management – The Tools (including listening)
11:00AM Engagement Strategies
11:20AM Topic TBA – (Clay Hebert &Julia Roy)
11:40AM Creating Info Products/Content Marketing Products (Michael Port)!

1:30PM Kickoff of Creating Content That Matters
1:35PM Fledgeling TV stations and magazines
1:40PM Content Marketing and Your Goals
1:50PM Find the Bigger Story in Your Work
2:00PM 10 Minute Self Assessment
2:10PM Review
2:30PM Select and Build Out a Content/Platform Plan
2:50PM Email Marketing Like a Human
3:00PM 20 Minute Break (go tweet)
3:20PM Video and Audio and Photos, Oh My!
3:40PM Editorial Calendars, Integration, and More
4:00PM My Theories on Powerful Content – (Julien Smith)
4:20PM The Three Secret Tools of Successful Strategy [Management?] Consultants (Charles H. Green)

4:40PM Content in a Mobile-First World
5:00PM Adjourn

8-9PM An evening with Chris Brogan and Julien Smith

If this appeals, here’s how to sign up:

ImpactNEXT Event


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