Duct Tape Selling

Duct Tape Selling There are books that come along that make me think two things at the same time: “I wish I wrote this book” and “Phew, now I don’t have to write this book.” John Jantsch has done this to me before (with The Referral Engine). This new book, Duct Tape Selling really is a must for your bookshelf (and I rarely say that – like only two or three times a year tops), *IF* you’re either a salesperson who doesn’t quite get marketing OR if you’re a marketer who doesn’t yet fully accept that you’re supposed to be a salesperson.

A Quick Video Trailer

I stole this from John’s site:

Can’t see the video? Click HERE

But more importantly is this.

My Interview with John Jantsch

I’ll be publishing this on my podcast in a couple of days but I want you to have the interview here, too. It’s a simple MP3 file for your listening pleasure:

Can’t see the player? Click HERE

I really want you to pick up this book. I don’t mean “hey, this would be swell.” I mean, get this. Okay? Just do that. It’ll help. I promise.

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