End Sex Trafficking

End Sex Trafficking

Erin Giles has brought to my attention something pretty astounding. Almost 30 million people are currently enslaved by someone else. Not in the past, or in any historical context, but right now, today. Nuts, right? To bring some attention to this, Erin has created the End Sex Trafficking Day campaign so that we could all do something to help.

Erin is setting out to raise $25,000 for 5 non profits that are hitting the ground everyday fighting for the enslaved. She’s chosen non profits that are making impact in every area of ending sex trafficking: awareness, prevention, rescue and recovery. Your contributions will go directly to aid with the work that these non profits will be able to do with the $5,000 each receives from this project.

Before you click away or hit delete, think about this: $10 would go far. The price of 2 lattes, or a few vending machine candy bars will help fight sex trafficking at ALL levels. That’s the part that excites me the most. You and I don’t have to jump on a plane and rescue anyone directly. We can feel something about this situation. We can decide that we want to help these people who can’t help themselves, and we can click a button, make a fast transaction, and carry on.

$10. You can find that, right?

Go here to give. It’ll take 3 minutes, or the time of one silly YouTube video of a cat stuck in a cardboard box. So, for two lattes and skipping a cat video, you can be part of a movement.

Ready? Go!

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