Everyone is Smarter Than You

MDC Boston Live If you do it right, everyone around you will be smarter than you. Everyone will have great ideas and thoughts you’ve never considered, and all kinds of brilliance to add to your experience. When you are fortunate enough to know a lot of smart people, your odds of this being true are even greater. Want to know how to surround yourself with smart people?

How to Find People Who Are Smarter Than You

Go where they are. The brilliant people who are interacting with each other in the Owner Mastery Foundation Group teach me something every time I go there. When I go to great events like the New Media Expo, I’m surrounded by brilliant people. When I visit gatherings like the one that Keith Griffis held in Cambridge the other night, I am lucky to meet brilliant people. And those who came to my very own MDC Boston event at the Hotel Colonnade in Boston? Well, they were super ultra smart.

How to Benefit From People Who Are Smarter Than You

I benefit from people who are smarter than me all the time. I stuffed a whole magazine full of them. I get to talk to people like Becky McCray and ask her for her thoughts and ideas. I get to listen to some of the most successful business people I know like Bob Burg and Charlie Green and Marsha Collier to name a few, and I can seek their ideas and understanding. Heck, most of the time, I just observe what they’re doing and get smarter from them. Or I read their books and ebooks. Mostly both.

I also benefit from connecting them together, and from helping them find more business for themselves. When I get amazing help creating themes for my audio projects from Mark Hermann, he also gets a little more “known” as a guy who can help you make your podcast (or whatever) stand out. When I tell people that Rachel Gogos does great branding and design strategy work, you can figure that out and benefit from it, too.

Share Everyone’s Brilliance As Often As Possible

SEBAOAP. The best way to come away seeming like a really smart person, it turns out, is to support the really brilliant people you’re fortunate enough to spend time with more often than not. When I can share that great new post by Jonathan Fields, you’ll really likely only remember that you feel smarter and that I showed it to you (unless you saw it already). Poof. I seem smarter already. Right? Share other people’s brilliance. Share everything you can.

And I don’t mean retweet. I mean, get in there and LOVE on the person. Like full effect Tim Sanders level loving on them.

That’s what will make you seem as amazing and smart as you probably really are. It’s not what you know. It’s not who you know. It’s how you show love. Maybe. I think. You? What do I know? You’re the smart one around here!

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