Exploring Nature and the Value of a Good Website

2014-05-18 15.16.01 The kids and I went to the Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary over the weekend to check out their program about camouflage and how animals hide in plain sight. I wouldn’t have known to take the kids there, but I thought, “You know, as a dad, I’m supposed to do some research and plan actual things to do, instead of ‘hey, let’s go to the mall!’” And that’s what I learned the value of a good website.

What Makes a Website Good?

You’d think, if you listened to all us who are into content marketing, that sites with great stories are good. You’d imagine that we all want long pieces about the 7 Best Ways to Entertain Your Kids This Summer. But that wouldn’t have cut it for me. I needed to know, “Hey, it’s Sunday. I have two kids. We want a simple adventure. What should we do?”

In my case, I found North Shore Kid. There’s bloggy kinds of stuff there, and that’s great, but the magic is in that right sidebar (scroll down just a tad). Pow. Things to do with kids this week. What a salvation. I scrolled through the list, found what I needed, made a call, and pow. We were on our way.

I didn’t need great stories. I didn’t need “the conversation.” I didn’t care if the site had comments or not. I just needed information that was useful to me.

Are your buyers like that? Are they looking at your site and wondering “Why can’t she just tell me what I need to know?”

I know that chrisbrogan.com looks like that right now, a big mess. I’m going to try and do what North Shore Kid did and build this into a good and useful website.

Will I stop writing content? No. Will I stop trying to help with leadership and business strategy? No. But I damned well will make this a much better experience here.

And About That Nature

Mass Audubon

Naturally, I forget the teacher’s name. She was wonderful. Smart and passionate and full of great information, but more so, a natural connector with the kids. My two kids are wonderful and complex and love to interrupt with their own knowledge, and she was so very receptive and great at picking the spots where that was appropriate. We had such a fun time.

2014-05-18 14.56.16

We saw leopard frogs and squirrels and no deer but lots of signs of such. We saw all kinds of birds and of course plenty of greenery. I can’t say enough about sneaking north of Boston to the Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary. There are miles of great trails and all kinds of programs for kids and adults, and I was happy to get reacquainted with it, thanks to the greatness of the North Shore Kid website.

I might not have seen deer, but I saw the light on how I want my site to function better.

Violette and Harold in Nature

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