Five More Freaks Event Opportunities

Freaks Book Cover Wow! So, Wiley had to push the book back a few weeks to deal with some last minute stuff (probably my fault), and so that gives me just a little more time to lay some groundwork. For YOU, that means if you’re thinking of having an event and if you want to take advantage of the absolutely most affordable way to have me speak live and in person to your community and event, there’s still time.

Hire Me to Speak for Only 300 Books

Not bucks. Let’s not be crazy. But books. The deal is this: hire me for an event in this or the next calendar year for the cost of your purchasing of 300 copies of my new book, The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth, plus airfare and hotel (some small details apply), and I’ll gladly come and be part of your event.

My speaking fee starts at $15,000 in the US and then goes up based on this or that detail. 300 books of Freaks at 800CEORead or Amazon or Barnes or your favorite indie seller will run you around or less than $6000 (plus the air and hotel stuff). See? DEAL!

The ONLY catch is that you have to place your order before April 10th. Placed and sold and receipt and all that. Before the 10th. No promises or wishes. Okay?

If you’re in, contact Ron Hood via our little contact form and Ron will set up the deal.

This is for an hour of speaking plus a book signing (very personalized book signing). You’ll enjoy it. I promise.

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