Focus on Your Core

Fit Chris If you follow my Instagram account, you’ve already been barraged by my fitness photos. There will be more on there later today. Don’t worry. There always is. I am learning so much about business at the gym, so I want to share some of that with you. The lesson for today? Focus on your core.

Focus on Your Core

The “core” of our body are those areas we often call our “abs,” but also our lower back muscles, our obliques (side area) and everything around the middle (the trunk stuff). They aren’t just for “six pack abs.” They help keep you upright. They improve your lower back pain issues. It turns out, they do a LOT for you.

I went and saw my coach, Britton Kelley, and asked him for help with my chin-ups, my squats, my planks, and some other exercises. In just an hour, he deducted quite easily that all those problems were tied to the same issue: my core wasn’t really well developed at all. ALL of those issues related to that one thing.

So, I did the work (am doing the work). I’ve added tons of core work to every day’s workout. Fifteen minutes of it every day added to the rest of my lifting and cardio and stuff. And guess what? EVERYTHING is getting better all at once. It turns out that EVERYTHING was related to the core.

The Same is True of Your Business

At Owner Magazine, I serve three groups: I serve the authors who give me their time and great articles. I serve the community who comes to learn from those articles. I serve our sponsor partners who seek a relationship with the community I serve.

What’s the CORE of my business, then? My core is to get my authors exposure and opportunities. My core is to help my community learn more. My core is helping my sponsor partners find the relationships they need to grow their business.

If I’m not working on THAT core EVERY DAY, then I’m not working on my business. I’m working on “stuff.” And “stuff” is the enemy of the core. It’s like those endless curls you see people doing at the gym to get their biceps to pop. It’s like those treadmill slaves you see, who want to run until their legs are spaghetti. Without the core, it doesn’t matter.

So now, the question to you: what’s YOUR core? What’s the core of your business? And are you working on it daily?

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