Freaks Book Release Week

The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth Hi there! If you’re even vaguely considering getting my new book, The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth, but are on the fence, here’s my big attempt to convince you, especially since this week is a big week in ensuring the success of its release. So, it’s my job to entice you and convince you and it’s your job to see if this book is for you. Deal?

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Are You a Freak?

In the parlance of this book, a freak is someone obsessed with excellence and a deep understanding of their domain. Marc Ecko is a freak about design and apparel and deep level brand-making with meaning (interviewed in this book). Tony Hawk is a freak about skateboarding and the community around it (interviewed in this book). Kate White is a freak about women’s success plus a mystery novelist and so much more (interviewed in this book). Sam Calagione is a freak about beer making and music (interviewed in this book). In short, I talk to people who are passionate about something the average person might not be, at least not to their level, and have gone one to make success from it.

What Does This Book Talk About?

It’s not a book of high and mighty ideas. It’s a book of action. Where do you start? How do you go from being a misfit to being a misfit who makes a living being a misfit (like AJ and Melissa Leon). How do you turn your passions into something that fuels your passion to travel the world like Chris Guillebeau? How do you learn what it takes to grow your ideas into something sustainable? And what tools will you need along the way?

What Are People Saying?

I’ve been very lucky. People like James Altucher was kind enough to say that he feels it’s the best book on entrepreneurship from the ground up that he’s ever read. On the page of Amazon reviews, Jeremy M says “And what better compliment can be paid to a book than to say that the world would be a better place if more people would read it and act on the thoughts in it?” Irina Baranov says, “He opens the book with this fundamental question: ‘how can I do business my way and be successful?” and then continues to share a roadmap filled with road-tested advice and real-life examples of what works and more importantly what it takes from us to make it work.’”

And with book blurbs that span from Tony Robbins to Amanda Palmer, you can rest assured that it’s not your run of the mill book.

Where Can You Get It?

There are many options. First, the worldwide way to check on release dates for the book as it pertains to your country is here.

Barnes & Noble

And it exists wherever you want it to be.

Yes, There Will Be an Audiobook

Coming shortly. I’m still recording it.

My Plea

If you’re thinking about getting the book, this is the week. If you love me, please tweet this out (or some variant). And if you hope I fail, tweet this out. If you’re indifferent, tweet this.

And if you don’t use Twitter, well, that’s okay.

Thank you for being you. Thank you for supporting my crazy ideas. More so, it’s time for you to support YOUR ideas, and it’s time for me to help you get there. This is the call to arms. This is the anthem. Let’s go be freaks. :)

Hashtag of reference: #proudfreak

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