Giving the mind a rest

With so many screens and gadgets commanding our time and attention, sometimes it’s good to take a mental break from them, and let the mind rest a bit. I do this typically by reading (old school, paper) books. Gini Dietrich has a great post up today about how reading fiction can help your career–I agree whole-heartedly.

It’s also why I think I got such a chuckle out of another post I came across today, from the blog Pioneer Woman. Titled “Goodnight iPad,” it spotlights a book that is a parody to the wildly successful and much-loved children’s book “Goodnight Moon.” Written by Ann Droyd, it has delightful illustrations to go along with rhymes such as “And a BlackBerry ringing/With Eminem singing.” I think my favorite illustration and caption pairing is the one about a “viral clip of a cat doing flips.”

Such a funny and light-hearted way to present a gentle reminder that stepping away from the gadgets for a bit can be a good thing.

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