Happy Birthday Harold

My little 8-bit boy turns 7 today:

Super Mario World. Classic 16 bit game.

At this point in your life:

* You are one of the smartest computer users I know. You are a master at searching YouTube.
* You make many films and shows and share them on YouTube.
* You love 8 bit and classic video games, and ask me repeatedly for pirated games.
* You don’t like a lot of foods, but you’re starting to try new things. Recently, mangoes.
* You have an amazing sense of humor around language. “I have to go to the snow bank to get my snow coins.”
* You are very good at lots of things, and sometimes tricky about other things.
* If you could do anything right now as a grown-up, it would be something with video games.

At this point in my life:

* I am helping people learn.
* I travel a bit less than when you were even younger. Partly that’s to see more of you!
* I have published 4 books.
* I spend lots of time with you on the weekends now.
* I’m happier than I’ve been in a very long time, because I’ve worked hard on my own head.

I like writing these little bits to you for the future, so that maybe when you’re a little older, you will look back and be able to see a time capsule view of where you were in your life at that point. We shall see. I hope they are useful.

Wishing you the best, my man.

Here you are at 3 or so:

And same song used in this video from when you’re 1:

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