Hide and Seek

When we’re not sure what to do next, we tend to hide. 2013-07-26 17.33.59

No matter how successful we become, we sometimes hit this space where what comes next isn’t clear. Sometimes, we’ve fallen into a rut. Other times, we’re just in between inspirations. Still others, other challenges have taxed us to the point that we’re hiding in plain sight, even though we’re not really fully engaged in what needs doing.

Systems Help

I’m going through the interesting experience of having a coach for my fitness efforts. I actually used the services of one coach and am now working with another. In both cases, what I’ve come to learn is that it’s kind of fun to look at a document that tells me what I’ll be tackling today, and then doing the work that will get me closer to my goals. Systems like this help.

But it’s funny. Not all systems help. For instance, if we’re in a rut, then having the same system will produce the same results. If we need to do something new to accomplish new results, our previous systems won’t really help.

And yet, I’ve come to the realization that even though it feels “relaxing” to be working outside of a system, I need them in place for me to be as productive and as successful as I intend to be.

For how I get my work done, I use Work Like you’re On Vacation. But for creating NEW systems and trying to get myself rebooted, I use Put Success in Your Way. Both are courses created by Rob Hatch and tested extensively on me (and others). What I’ve learned from PSYW is that I’ve gotta get back inside a system, so that’s what’ll happen this week.

In the interim, what systems do you use? How do you get found from your private game of hide and seek? And what are you working on next?

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