How to Get Your Email Answered

I’m not going to lie. I STOLE this entire email from my inbox and copy/pasted it here for you. It’s from DJ Waldow, who is one of the smartest people talking about email marketing out there. But this? This is a great email he sent me. Not because he praises me. In fact, I’ll explain why.

SUBJECT: Tea. Podcasts. Online Stalking. Vine. Secret audio.



    Short version:


    Longer version:

I hope you are not TOTALLY creeped out by my recent “online stalking” of you. You are sharing some really interesting/funny/helpful stuff on G+, FB, your blog, Vine, etc these days so … well … I’m … yeah.

Good stuff.

The thing I’ve been enjoying the most however, is your podcast. HOLY SHIT. Dude. This is your calling! I honestly could see you hosting a TV show. I’ve been trying to get my ass back in shape and your podcast is the perfect length for my 20 or so minute mid-day runs.

I really loved the Dan Pink one as well as the David’s Teas episode. I drink a boat load of coffee every day. However, thanks to your interview, I’ll be finding a local David’s Teas this weekend.

I also – thanks to Nick (cc’d here) – recently uncovered the “secret audio” portion of your podcast. Brilliant! Nick and I are starting to “professional borrow” some of your podcasting tricks, starting with the interview we did with Craig Jarrow – The Time Management NINJA – which will publish a week from Wednesday. We recorded an intro.

So, if you are still reading this, that all was a long way of saying this.


P.S. I bolded that in case it’s all you read.

Have a kick ass weekend. Do something Kid President like…

DJ Waldow

The Rebel’s Guide to Email Marketing

Why This Was Awesome

In case I have to explain it, I will:

  1. Great subject line. Dragged me in.
  2. Respectful of my time.
  3. Great conversational tone and off-the-record. (He never knew I’d be printing this or he’d be a lot more polite. Maybe.)
  4. It wasn’t just praise but a sense of what I did right, so I could consider doing more of that.
  5. It let me know that I’m doing well by the running crowd, time-of-show wise.

So, I think there’s a lot to learn from DJ. What do you think?

On the Radio Show Today

Join me for a conversation with Kris Carr. She beat cancer, had her way with the New York Times bestseller list more than once, and she’s here to make you laugh, make you think, and make you take action. Listen to the show HERE.

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