I’m Not Into Social Media

I love writing posts that you don’t believe. But it’s true. I don’t really care much about social media. I used to. But it’s just not the most amazing thing in the world to me. Drinking the Kool Aid?

So What?

I think pretty much everyone’s getting tired of social media for social media’s sake. Have you read the front page of Mashable lately? I just did. There’s a post about Lady Gaga, Barack Obama, an owl, and a story about Comcast buying out GE’s share of NBC Universal. And I think that’s cool. I’m not even trashing it. But a few years ago, every single post would be about some arcane tool with a “tw” in the name and pronouncements of the “death of Facebook or Foursquare or …whatever.”

The tools for tools’ sake posts are just not that interesting to most folks any more. We stay abreast of them, sure. We need to know about how XYZ tool might impact our business pursuits, absolutely. But I have the sense that talking and writing and sharing about social tools just for what they are is drying up a bit. Don’t you?

We Want to Tell Bigger Stories

And by we, I mean you. And me. I still love talking about marketing, and I’m planning a post about content marketing shortly that should lay out some really useful information. But I guess what isn’t as worth talking about any longer is the whole “gee whiz, this space is so amazing and I’ve got the latest apps and I love using them.” Maybe instead, we can talk about our goals, our pursuits, those things we’re going to do with the tools.

Maybe we could spend some time writing about our successes, our failures, our hopes, and what we all want to do, if everything falls into place. Maybe we’ll work on our plans to get more done. Maybe we’ll work on our plans to get the work we want to do done, as well as the work we have to do. Maybe we can create bigger stories instead of looking down at our hands.

But Who Am I?

Delete this post as a rant and ramble. Disregard it as more detritus. Accept that there are others who are still thrilled to death to talk about this or that tool missing a vowel or this space for the space’s sake. That’s fine, too.

Want to know what I’m interested in right now? The most? Do it yourself learners. The people like you who like to create your own education instead of waiting around for it, who seek out what matters most to what you intend to do with your career or your life. But that’s me.

What about you? What are you into?

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