ImpactNEXT Goes to Washington

State Capitol

Not Frankie, not Mr Smith. Us. The ImpactNEXT event will take place in Washington, DC on Tuesday, May 21st in Washington, DC. Nation’s capital: we are coming.

Tuesday, May 21st, Washington, DC, The McKinley Theater

I haven’t signed up to do many live events for the general public in 2013. Why? Because I think there are plenty of people out there covering the basics and the speculation well enough. I also think there are plenty of people giving you the high-level vision and they’re doing a fine job.

Me? I want to give you the 201 and 301. I want to take you from Keynote down to Keyboard, so we can get something done. Together.

Introducing ImpactNEXT

You’re invited to a live event produced by me, Chris Brogan, and the Human Business Works team, where I want to give you deep dive instruction and work collaboratively with you on two major parts of building your business for the coming years.

By the way, this event is good for:

* Corporate professionals in marketing and/or sales.
* Small business owners.
* Solo and startup business types.

This event won’t be at all interesting for:

* People who want to get more FB likes.
* People who think Klout is awesome.
* People who just want to hang out and get a book signed (though, you know, I’ll do that because I like doing that).

The way I’ve built this event is modular, so let me lay out the day so that you understand how it works.


Marketing and sales have changed. “Is changing” is out of date. The world is a different place. Mobile computing devices like smartphones and tablets now officially outnumber laptops and desktops as the go-to device for learning more about our intended purchases (be those B2B or B2C). Social networks aren’t a “fringe” idea any longer. You’re either participating where your customers frequent or you’re questioning why your numbers are lower than last year.

But there are so many stories of people “getting online” and “nothing happened” as to make you wonder which advice to follow. It’s as confusing as understanding diet recommendations.

The digital channel is something I’ve been working with and learning about since the late 1980s, when bulletin boards and AOL were the rage. Since 2006, I’ve collaborated with companies of various sizes and in different industries to understand how to drive actual business value (actionable leads, sales, and referrals of value) from the digital channel. Learn the following and more:

* The home base and outpost strategy.
* Build out your home base (with specifics on design and more).
* Selling on your home base.
* Improvements to all your major touchpoints.
* Create your media empire (or what will count as that).
* Blogging, videoblogging, podcasting, email marketing, and more.
* eBooks and Speaking as lead generation.
* The best “mix” for using digital outposts.
* Curation concepts.
* Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and More.
* Your voice on these channels, plus intentions.
* The Owner’s Compass (you’ll get this Sunday to some extent).
* Timing and specific plans/recipes for success.

Again, this will be a 3+ hour experience with lots of instruction, interaction, examples, and all the questions we can stuff in.


In a world where we have no time, where information floods us at every turn, where we have more than one screen in front of us at any one time, and where everyone is seeking to get their message across, how do you get your ideas absorbed by the people you need to reach, and how do you encourage action?

Topics covered:

* How to craft and shape goals into ideas that stand out.
* How to build a content marketing process for any sized organization.
* How to select platforms and nurture relationships into sales.
* How to move from audience to community to network(hint: referrals).
* How to develop metrics that matter instead of fluff.
* What the mobile-first world means for your content.
* Blogging – What over 13 years has taught me.
* Audio and Video – what’s what in the new frontier.
* Email marketing that doesn’t stink.
* And more, as it serves the event.

This will be in a 3+ hour workshop with examples, exercises, cases from the “real world” and all the questions we can stuff in with you. You’ll get more than your money’s worth.


I can tell you that you’ll also be meeting and learning from S. Anthony Iannarino, who will talk a bit about selling for non-salespeople. And DC’s kingmaker, Derek Coburn of Cadre will take the stage and share a bit, too.


This is me like you’ve never seen me before. A little bit of fun and humor, a little bit of music, and yes, some fun takeaways on the topic of personal bravery, personal achievement, The Owner’s Mind, and much more. Not to be missed. Unless, you know, you have to miss it.


Date of this event: Tuesday, May 21st, 2013.

Location: The McKinley Theater, inside the Carnegie Library, 801 K Street, NW, Washington, DC 20001

Cost: We’ve made this affordable by giving you a few options:

There’s a morning course price, an afternoon course price, the full day price, and the “just the evening event” price.

The list prices of the event are:

$1449 – Full Day (Includes Evening with Chris Brogan)
$749 – Morning
$749 – Afternoon
$197 – Evening with Chris Brogan

But because you are here early, that price drops dramatically for you:

Use the code “special” and you’ll get:

* Full Day (Includes the Evening with Chris) $1449 - $949
* Morning Course: Digital Presence Building$749 – $547
* Afternoon Course: Content Marketing$749 – $547
* An Evening With Chris Brogan$197 – $99

Choose your session below.

This price is only available for ten days. After that it will increase every few weeks by $100 for the Full Day and $50 for the Half Day sessions.

The best value is the full day, but if you can only pick a course or the evening event, you’re welcome to participate in that way, too!

I am VERY much looking forward to seeing you at this event. It will be filled with information that will deliver great business value to you and your organization (even if you’re an organization of one!).

Will you participate?



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