New Content Starts This Week

Pacman Ghost Says Think The next phase of this blog is upon us. Starting this week, I’ll be talking a lot more about what it takes to own your business and to own your work, no matter if you’re the boss of the company or just the boss of your cubicle.

As evolutions go, this is simple. I’ve written for the last little while about the human business way, my way of explaining how to build a sustainable, relationship-minded business. Now, I’m turning the lens back on you, the owner.

So anyway, keep your eyes open. It’s going to get a bit different, and yet, you’ll know the drill. : )

Oddly, I’ll talk a bit more about the tools of the trade, too. Have to, I think. Much as I despise most writing about this or that tool in the abstract, if I’m sharing how to do something that will empower you, well, that’ll help tons.

Okay, get ready for it all.

But one last thing.

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So, let’s get into it. Glad you’re here!

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