New eBook: It’s Not About the Tights

It's Not About the Tights There are so many opportunities to feel uncertain in our life. When we strive for success, there are so many opportunities to feel thwarted by our past, by less-than-supportive people, by our inability to get the nod from someone who could boost us to that next level. It’s easy to feel as if nothing’s going to change, and that we’ll never figure it all out.

I have a message for you.

You are the superhero you’ve been waiting for.

For whatever reason, we tend to think that “someone” is going to make us better, that we’re broken, that we’re missing the key ingredients to succeed. We feel envy and we’re certain that we’re the only failures this world has ever seen. It’s a tough row to hoe.

Plenty of people have written books that talk about being positive. Others have written up plans that tell you what you’re missing. In this case, all I promise you is a cape.

It’s Not About the Tights

I’ll teach you about Confidence, Acceptance, Permission, and Execution, and how Practice in all those areas will guide you to find those missing success points in your life.

Put Together a Plan of Action, Not Just Wishes

This book is based on the experiences I’ve had with overcoming my own challenges, plus the wisdom of some other smart cookies. Plus, I’m blessed with hundreds of people who have participated in my online course, Brave New Year. Consider this book an invite into that community, should you decide you’d like to go further.

It’s not about the tights. It’s about you.

From the review by bestselling author Seth Godin

It won’t take long to read, but it will take a very long time (years) to finish.

Chris lays out a simple series of challenges and exercises that work. If you do them. That’s the work part.

Courage and bravery don’t come from a book, which is why all help is self-help. But if you’re eager to find out what you’re capable of, the straightforward approaches in Chris’s ebook can open the door for you.

If you have a few hours to start yourself on a journey, and the price of one latte to spare, please check out It’s Not About the Tights.

And thanks!

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