On the Occasion of My 43rd Birthday

SuperheroBasement250 I have been fortunate enough to live on this planet and learn every day for 43 years. I do feel old. My body is stiff and sore. My eyes get tired fast. My hairline is slowly receding back. There is more white in my beard than any other color. And I love it.

But, because of this passage of time, I found myself thinking of my childhood, my very nerdy and weird and quirky childhood. And I thought of some of the stories that would never likely see the light of day, made from normal moments, and sometimes imagined moments. And I started writing. And writing and writing. And I put together an entire book of (not really) poems. And I’m going to stuff this in the Kindle store, but because it’s my birthday, I wanted to give you a copy for free. Because that seems right. Gifts to you on my birthday. : )

If you see the awesome artwork at the top of the post (supplied by his awesomeness, Josh Fisher), click it and that’ll take you straight to a pdf file. If you want to download it, simply right-click or command click and select “save as” and you can download it onto your whatever or read it at your leisure on your computer.

It’s nerdy stuff. It’s fun for me to have written it. It might resonate with you in some way or another. The references are obscure. You’ll either feel like we shared a similar childhood or you’ll be lost and feel like I am speaking another language. Either way, I win!

The book is here. Enjoy.


The book is now live in the Kindle store on Amazon. If you’ve read the book, would you consider writing me a review? : )

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