PR Jots: Core Values, Reporting Results, Recycling Content, Disrupting the PR Agency Model, and More

In my reading this week, I came across the following items that might be of interest to fellow PR and communications professionals:

  • Shel Holtz advocates for organizations to explicitly identify communications as a core value. He writes: “For a couple hours, I have been reading the values statements of dozens of organizations. I kept at this thankless task in search of one—one—that explicitly listed communication as a value.”

  • Bulldog Report and PRIME Research conducted a study about top PR measurement challenges. Their findings? “According to the experts interviewed for this report, communicators face challenges in 1) organizing their data research, and 2) making it easily understood and meaningful to the C-suite.”
  • Digiday published a piece that says that publishers are revisiting old content. “Publishers are doing all they can to wring out more value from their existing body of content. The most common technique is to resurface popular old stories that (even just barely) pertain to a trending topic: Publishers will republish or re-share old bits of viral content in the hopes of striking traffic gold once again. People watch reruns on television, the thinking goes, so why not bring that approach to digital content?”
  • Anna Ruth Williams contends that the prevailing PR agency model is ripe for disruption and points to rising employee turnover and shorter client tenures as evidence. “Unfortunately, the agency model has become antiquated—stifling creativity by focusing on the billable hour, maintaining old-school workplace policies, and enforcing obsolete values on employees.”
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