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The following is more of my sponsored work with the folks behind Cloud Powered Work. It’s super fun that this stuff that I believe in is also sponsored. Because of that, realize that the opinions are my own, and they just want me to help spread the word.

My business has been cloud powered since I started it back in 2009-2010. We had two physical offices for a while, but even then, we worked completely via the cloud, because there was never a need for us to set up some kind of small private network and a server and the like. Were we worried about security? Tell me this: who will do more about security? A small business who maybe hires a consultant to help install the platform, or someone like Microsoft or Google or Amazon, who has thousands of people working on such challenges? I’ll stick with the larger group.

And now, as more and more companies are finally giving in to the realization that there’s a value to doing cloud powered work instead of leaving everything locked up on various laptops across the organization, there are all kinds of resources to help with the concepts.

I started looking over some of the new material and research being created by the gang at Cloud Powered Work, and there’s some swell stuff, especially in the “get convinced” department. For instance, if you’re wondering about productivity in the cloud, they’ve got you covered. Need to convince the powers that be that making mobile productivity a reality should be on the agenda? They’ve got that, too.

“But we can’t move to the cloud,” the boss will say. What about security? IDG moves to the cloud tells a story that you might use as a case study. Though they’re in a different field than you, this is quite important stuff, for sure.

Maybe you’re not sure you’re even ready to get doing this kind of stuff? They’ve created a benchmarking tool so you can decide what matters to you in that regard.

I found the majority of these reports and resources to be helpful in the “convince someone to let you do this” department. Stock up. You might find them very useful. And if you’ve already chosen to take the plunge, check out the tech resources and the like. There’s a bunch of that to be considered, too.

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