Sort Out Who Matters to You

2014-03-18 15.28.58 I can tell you without a doubt that people who participated in (not attended) my last live event in Boston with Rob Hatch and Jacqueline Carly would go to the mat for anyone else in that room. There’s a guest room available for anyone who participated in whatever cities people came from (Philadelphia, Miami, East Hampton, etc). There are buyers and promoters now for each other’s works. Heck, we invested in one artist right then and there on the spot (note: his prices will go up in a few days. Buy now!)

In working on how I will make Owner Media Group a successful business in 2014 and beyond, Rob and I both agree that we are dedicated to serving the Monchu above all else. ( What the heck is a Monchu?) To do that, we have to sort out who is in and who’s just passing by. I’ve done that quite well.

Casual readers of ONLY this blog are nice people, but aren’t necessarily inside the Monchu. How do you get deeper in? Well, readers of my newsletter are definitely a bit more inside. That’s for damned sure. That’s the #1 most important piece of information I put out each week. If that’s not your cup of tea and if you don’t like what’s there, you’re probably not likely to want to be part of this kind of community.

That’s one sorting mechanism.

Another is learning who reacts to which words. I use various words in my posts and newsletters. Often, I’ll receive a small spray of concern or criticism if I tread towards anyone’s specific sacred cow. That helps me understand who’s willing to accept what. And again, there’s not really a judgment here. It’s just a way to know if you’re the kind of person who wants the kind of experience I’m offering.

So Who Matters to Me?

The people who matter to me in this space seem to share the following traits (and several others that make them unique):

  • You care about the success of others.
  • You are giving, and give first before ever asking for anything.
  • You promote others as often as possible.
  • You work hard, and love hard work.
  • You are a learner, tirelessly.
  • You own your choices and your path to your goals.
  • You see value beyond dollars and love to invest in experiences and people and community.
  • You bring your own magic to the picnic.

That’s who came to Boston for our event. That’s who interacts with me most weeks on my newsletter. That’s who becomes the Monchu I serve every day. That’s who I create my best work for, and who I try to equip with what I know and have built.

And in that sorting, I gain a lot of peace and comfort. When you’re not chasing everything and everybody, you find the time to serve the people who matter the most even better than before.

I’m glad to know you, and grateful that you’re here. Just some thoughts at the start of another week of great opportunity and promise.

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