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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of DISH for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

The following is a sponsored post for the DISH Network via IZEA. The sponsor of this post was pretty particular in how I worded things. Please forgive this commercial interruption. Just the same, the contest might be fun.

If you're the TV type, you've probably heard of Hopper from the DISH Network. They have been advertising quite a bit lately, and I honestly thought I knew all I needed to about what they offered. If you've ever had the one DVR but lots of people wanting to record shows problem, you know that Hopper lets you have a virtual DVR for every TV in any room. That's the part I had heard about. You know, record something in the living room but watch it in the kitchen and finish it off in the bedroom. It's called Whole-Home HD DVR Functionality.

Reminder: the sponsor wanted me to be really clear what each and every feature was called. 

But what I didn't know was that they had something called Hopper Transfers that lets you move stuff from the DVR to your iPad for travel. Thus, if you want to bring a bunch of your shows with you but don't want to pay for hotel wifi, for instance (not that DISH said to do this – I did), you could bring your Hopper shows with you. Pretty cool, I'd say. 

Another feature DISH has that I wasn't aware of was DISH ANYWHERE which is an app for Apple and Android, that lets you watch recorded OR live stuff whenever and wherever. I remember other technologies that allowed for this, but not as seamless as this all appears. 

Oh, and there's also an "AutoHop" feature to let you skip ads (though in my line of work, I record the ads and skip the TV). : ) 

There are other features, like you can record up to six prime time TV shows at the same time (this is called PrimeTime Anytime), even from one TV. I'm also told I can tell you that you can "Get the Hopper" free when you sign up with DISH (packages start at $24.99, and you get it free for 12 months with a 24 month commitment). 

If this sounds interesting, I encourage you to Learn more about the Hopper.


The full Contest Rules are here. You can win an iPad Mini (which lets you take DISH anywhere, as we've talked about above). How? Well, I'll give you some of the ways: 

  • Comment on this post and tell me which part of the commercial you liked. (See below) 
  • LIKE DISH on Facebook
  • Or you can tweet out a message and add #winDISHAnywhere as a hashtag, and then comment here with your email address and a link to that tweet. (Remember that links take a while to show up on my blog.) (Also, if you want, you can Follow DISH on Twitter ). 



May the Hopper be with you! 

Don't forget. This was a sponsored post for DISH Network on behalf of IZEA. They didn't exactly influence what I said. They just made sure I used very specific terms. 

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