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One way the whole cloud powered work experience has changed my business life is that everyone in my company can work from the beach and not hide that fact. 2013-06-21 11.05.05-1

The following is a sponsored post for Cloud Powered Work, but beyond them being kind enough to give me some loot to have this specific conversation, they haven’t influenced my words at all. This is all me.

The Beach Versus a Cubicle

There’s something delightful about working on a spreadsheet from underneath an umbrella while swirling some ice cubes around in a delicious glass of iced tea. I love being able to hear kids shouting from the water, watch surfers and skateboarders out doing their thing, and then get back to the work of getting numbers in the right boxes (especially when the numbers are trending in the right direction).

I’m a writer and educator and so cubicles aren’t especially required. Back when I worked in a wireless telecom, near the end of my career, it was absolutely not important for me to be at the office in person except we had two major problems: our security was really tight so I couldn’t really connect into any systems remotely, and we didn’t have the cloud back then, so if I was working on a document, I was working on a dead version that only I had access to at any given time. Thus, there were times where the grey fabric walls of the cubicle were the only solution, even if creativity and the ability to choose my focus were going to suffer accordingly.

Flexible Workspaces Are Cost Effective

The cost of cubicle space per human is at least $9000 a year (I learned this a bunch of years ago, so maybe the numbers have changed a bit). The cost of servers and maintenance can be tons of that. The cost of office phone systems are… you know what? You know all this. Having a physical office space costs a lot.

What you GET is a secret lair. What you get is object permanence. What you also get are all kinds of opportunities to be somewhere physically but not be in your element or your zone.

Do you know how much Microsoft Office365 and SkyDrive and the like cost for you and your employees? Not a lot. It’s like a hundred bucks or so. Per human. That’s crazy. So, costs if you want to work from the beach:


That’s it.

It’s not THAT easy. Let’s not kid each other. But what I love is that we can work this way. All my team work from where we are and we connect via cloud apps exclusively. Easy cheesy.

Haven’t you even wanted to trial that at work? What’s stopping you?

The previous was sponsored but as you can tell, the opinions are mine. Heck, maybe they don’t even like how I talk about it. But then again, that’s not the point. They’re curious what you think about working over the cloud. What do you think?

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