Stat of the Week: 75% of Businesses Still Not Leveraging Big Data Analytics Effectively

We spend lots of time hearing about the promise of “Big Data” and how it will change enterprises of all shapes and sizes. And there’s no doubt that data really does make a difference in PR and elsewhere. But there’s a Big Disconnect when it comes to talking about Big Data and actually leveraging it.

From Bulldog Reporter:

“Seventy-five percent of businesses have yet to successfully deploy big data analytics solutions to gain business-impacting insights, despite 65 percent increasing their investment in analytic services and technologies in 2014. These findings are part of Analytics 2014Lavastorm’s second annual survey on analytic usage, trends and future initiatives.”

As PR pros, we need to focus on how to take advantage of the wealth of data at our own fingertips and then zero in on a manageable portion of it to gain valuable insights. It’s better to use some data than to throw our hands up because we’re overwhelmed by everything available.

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