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I’m really thrilled with how people are responding to The Human Business Way, my more-than-weekly radio show about business and the bigger stories it takes to make your life amazing. What’s great is that I’m able to share a different side of all this human business stuff by putting it in audio form. And what works well for you is that I do it in around 20 minutes or so every episode, so that you can listen on the way back and forth to work, or while you’re vacuuming, or on the treadmill. Whatever works for you.

My most recent guest was Guy Kawasaki, talking about what it takes to be an author.

The show before that was Brian Clark (aka Copyblogger), talking about the future of content marketing.

I even translate my weekly newsletter into an audio version, so you can enjoy that on the go.

The guests are varied. I’ve had gold record winner Hush, and a world renowned psychologist, Dr. Robert Brooks, and world dominator Chris Guillebeau.

So Easy to Subscribe These Days

If you love iTunes, there’s an iTunes version.

If you’re a Blackberry person, you can get it on the Blackberry network.

Want to try my favorite podcast listening platform? Listen to me on Stitcher Radio, which is also installed in over 14 million Ford Cars (so if you’re driving a newer super smart Ford, check me out).

Oh, and you can always just push play from the main website, or just grab the RSS feed.

No matter how you get there, I’d love to see you check it out. And thanks!

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