The Backpack Theory

In Minecraft, my daughter and I have fallen into a very recurring experience: we start a new world, make the same first moves, and get to a state of play where we at least have a “home base.” There’s something about this that translates to ownership. I’m calling it The Backpack Theory. Minecraft

The Backpack Theory

Here’s the theory:

  • We start with a model (a set of ideas to frame our first actions).
  • We seek out resources we know we need.
  • We ignore the larger “map” for the nearby (for now).
  • We work towards sustainability as fast as possible.
  • When our “home base” is set, we explore.

Think about this with your business/ownership hat on. Think about how you’re going about your day right now, how you’re stuffing your thoughts with all kinds of “future” and “keeping up with the news” materials, instead of working diligently on setting up and really working from where you are, not where you’re headed next.

Maybe you don’t need everything, but instead, you need to focus on the resources for your shorter term setup and success. Here’s this conversation with real world examples: my business.

  • My model: front end media defining a back-end opportunity (content marketing, but bigger).
  • My resources: need more audience, and from that, more community; eventually, a network.
  • My “nearby”: working on a product launch for mid-end of this week that will fuel the future.
  • My sustainability: replacing speaking $ with course/product $
  • My home base: for now, but new one coming shortly.

You could try the same exercise. I bet you’d find it very useful.

What’s your backpack? What do you need to be successful right now? Not just work. Home. Health. Whatever you want to talk about. What’s your backpack, and will you commit to setting it up?

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