The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth – My Next Book

Freaks Book Cover I’m so excited to announce that my next book, The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth will be out very soon (March 17th in the USA, and not sure for other countries). This book is quite different than my prior books, and yet, there’s definitely an echo of what has come before in several ways. I can see little hints of Trust Agents speckled in the systems I put in place for you, and by you, I mean maybe you’re a freak?

Who are the Freaks?

If you’ve ever wanted to run business your own way but felt that maybe you were too different, or weren’t really the business making type, this might be you. If you’re the kind of person who is a tattoo artist or a one woman livery service (hi, Jane!), or a small town chocolatier, you might be a freak.

I called Tony Hawk a freak. Ditto Marc Ecko. Same with Kate White. I’ve called lots of really great people freaks. Sam Calagione from Dogfish Head? Oh yeah, definitely.

So, if you’re the kind of person who’s wanted to dig into entrepreneurship but hasn’t quite found the right way of hearing the story, this might be your book. It’s not about “the hustle” or “dominating” or “killing” anything. It’s about taking whatever makes you weird/different/unique/important to this universe, and helping you make a business interface that might help you do what you want to do a little better.

Want to see the Table of Contents?

1 Business New and Old and New Again
2 The Wild Colors and the Solid Spine: What Makes Some Freaks Successful and Other Freaks Strugglers?
3 Choose Your Own Adventure: Defining Success
4 Skill Building for Your Business Goals
5 Fall in Love with Not Knowing
6 Structure a Framework for Your Days
7 Are You an Employeepreneur?
8 Create Systems That Work for You
9 Are You a Solo or Small Business Owner?
10 Fall in Love with Not Knowing, Redux
11 Worship Obstacles and Challenges
12 Build Your Own Media Empire
13 Connect with Your Freaks
14 Own Everything
15 When It All Goes Wrong
16 Take Action! Fight Crime! Save the World!

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Or There’s Something Else

I’m going to take this show on the road. There are a few options for you to consider:

1.) Professional speaking – I charge a fairly hefty sum for my pro speaking, but I will be offering five (5) opportunities to purchase 300 copies of the book, plus air and hotel, and I’ll waive my fee. These tend to go within two weeks of putting out the offer (once it took three). If you’re interested in that offer, go to this contact form and mention the deal when filling it out, and we’ll get right back to you.

2.) Sponsor a School – If you’re a company who believes in promoting entrepreneurial experiences, I’ll be taking this show on the road for high school and college students and some small groups to discuss innovation and entrepreneurship. Maybe this is something your business wants to be part of, and maybe you’d like the opportunity to get in front of more audiences? If so, I’m your man.

Those are the two big deals. What say you? Interested?

And in all cases, thank you!

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