The Rise of Women in Technology

A new infographic recently released by MBAonline sheds light on just how underrepresented women are in the technology field. To date, women occupy one in four jobs in the science, technology, engineering or math fields and lead only eight percent of venture-backed startups.

At first glance, the statistics are troubling, especially given the consistent growth in prevalence of the two-income family, and the need for new small businesses and technology companies to power the U.S. economy out of crisis mode. But there may be a silver lining in a surge of female entrepreneurs entering the workforce.

The number of women entering the technology field grew by 29 percent from 2011 to 2012. Today, 41 percent of Harvard computer scientists to be are women. Women are now starting businesses at a rate that is 150 percent greater than the national average, which could give rise to an entire generation of female-owned and operated companies. Will one of them be the next Google, Apple or Facebook?

According to the data, it's likely. Companies that have more than three women on their Board of Directors significantly outperformed companies that did not across sales and return on equity.

In the social media space, women also dominate, accounting for 55 percent of social media users and 60 to 70 percent of social media jobs within the public relations field. Are we witnessing the rise of women once and for all in the workplace, where they are in charge of the messaging and messenger? So it seems.

The Rise Of Women In Tech

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