Top 10 Social Media Infographics

Infographics are growing in popularity as a platform for expressing complex information in a clear and direct manner.  Instead of large blocks of text (who wants to read that anyway?) infographics artistically utilize graphics, statistics, and quick summaries to wrap up big ideas in bite-size pieces.  And with a nebulous idea like "social media" at stake for description, one can never be too efficient. 

OhMyGov's Top 10 Social Media Infographics have been carefully chosen and collected from various creators across the web to provide useful insight to the biggest topics in social media today.  For those unfamiliar with social media, the first two infographics provide a brief overview of the various players and their importance on a basic level.  From there, they spread to topics that challenge our understanding of our careers, our privacy, even our identities-all through social media.

1.  The Winners and Losers of Social Media  via Mashable and courtesy of Ignite Social Media



2.  Why Social Media Isn't a Waste of Time via

Infographic: Americans and social media use


3.  The Sad State of Social Media Privacy via MDGadvertising

The Sad State of Social Media Privacy [infographic by MDG Advertising]


4.  The Sharing Avalanche via Voltier Digital in association with Plastick Media


5.  The Science of Social Timing via Kissmetrics

The Science of Social Timing Part 1: Social Networks


6.  In Case of Emergency Use Social Media via Eton


7.  Who Rules Social Media? via craigconnects and the RAD Campaign


8.  The New Workplace Currency via Cisco


9.  Social Media's Election Impact via MDGadvertising



10.  The American Identity According to Social Media via Hasai

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