Want a Review Copy of the Impact Equation?

The Impact Equation So how cool is this? The folks at Penguin Portfolio have given Julien Smith and I the opportunity to share an advanced (uncorrected) copy of our upcoming book, The Impact Equation to people in the US & Canada (sorry, friends elsewhere) if you’d like to review it.

But Julien and I wanted to do something more. So here’s the plan.

Review And/Or Show Us Some Pictures With Text And…

We’d love to get some early reviews of the book, sure, but if you want an easy way to participate and help spread the word (and get a free advanced copy of a book), we want you to take a photo and/or add your favorite quote or idea covered in the book to it.

By pictures with text on them, we mean like this:

Yeah. This sounds awesome at 9:14am!

Need an easy app to do that? (We like OVER!)

So, read The Impact Equation, find a quote you like. Snap a photo (or just a pretty colored background or something), and post text with that quote on top of the picture.

Then, last step of 3, just post that photo on whatever social network you like, add the hashtag of #impact to it, and let us know.

Why? Oh, There’s an Answer To That

Julien and I plan to invite the 10 photos-with-text that we like the most to a private event in New York City. Oh, and the winners can invite 10 people, so there’ll be a small little gathering of 100 folks. We promise it’ll be fun!

So, you have to sign up here to get the books, and there are a limited amount, so please sign up and we’ll get them to you as soon as possible. Sorry that we can’t sign these. They’ll be shipping directly from Penguin/Portfolio. But there’ll be time for autographs and stuff later, okay?

Want in?

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