Work Hard and Play Harder

The question I’m asked the most is, “How do you get so much done all the time?” Stratego

My answer is quite simple: I’ve learned how to really put a lot of hard work down into a really short period of time, so that I can free up more time to pursue my passions when I’m done my other work. In other words, I love the grind. But there’s more to it. Because I needed a way to put it all into a system, so that I could always have more time when I wanted it, so that I could basically free up my afternoons to be about whatever I wanted them to be about (often times, writing or shooting video).

Work hard and play harder.

My colleague and COO, Rob Hatch, developed a course called Work Like you’re On Vacation, and I was its first guinea pig. I’m happy to report that I learned a ton from the process. More so, it’s really helped me find even more ways to share what I know with you. To that end, I want to invite you to consider a webcast.

Join Us Thursday

Join Rob Hatch and myself for a micro-course about success and getting more done called Love the Grind, an exploration into what I do that leads me towards success. It’ll be one hour live on January 24th at 7pm ET (yes, it will be recorded), and during that time, I’ll give you a bit of a framework for what I do, how I get as much accomplished as I do, and more. To see the outline of what I’ll cover, click here.

The experience will be vibrant with questions & answers for people who can tune in live, but even if you can’t, you’ll be invited to ask Rob and me questions after the event, and we’ll answer you via email, so you can participate, even if it’s not in your time zone.

Sign Up Fast

We’ve got limited seating for this webinar as our software has an upper limit on attendance, so if you’re interested, sign up now. I’m fairly sure this will be a very limited engagement, as it samples some of what Rob covers in his course, Work Like You’re On Vacation, as well as material you’ll only hear during this webcast.

I hope to see you there. : )

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