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I built you a business magazine. I did it because I wanted you to find ways to improve your worth, to grow your capabilities and connections. I did it because I wanted you to have the business curriculum for the future. I did it because 20 or so columnists can tell a much more colorful story than just me alone.

What’s the Idea?

The concept behind Owner is that whether you own your cubicle, your company, or just your life, you’ll find something in Owner magazine. The goal is to connect you with people who take ownership of their choices, who run their businesses and/or their jobs with pride and intent. If you’re the kind of person seeking to grow your capabilities AND your connections, Owner’s your crowd. We’re here not to create just content but to create connections. People who are participating in and around the Owner flag (which is yours to take, and soon yours to wear!) are finding business connections and other value. This isn’t a magazine. It’s a movement cleverly hidden inside a magazine.

What’s In It?

Owner magazine has articles about willpower and health and fierce determination and how one REALLY makes millions, and a 5 minute marketing method. And tons more.

Every month, on the first of the month, we drop 20 or so articles in front of you all at once, so that you can think through them, decide what’s helpful, work on some parts of your business, and grow.

Mobile-First Design

You want to really enjoy your new business magazine? Click this on your phone or tablet. We hired Jesse Petersen to do our design and he knocked it out of the park. This thing is built to be mobile-native and desktop-second. Why? Because I’ve never seen someone with a laptop on the night stand two inches from their ear.

And This Is Just Phase One

We’re getting ready to launch live video marketing and business jams, where we help people like you figure out your specific business challenges live in front of an audience (online), and share all the learning in real time. We’ve got a few apps we’re building to help you connect better with Owners like yourself. That’s the real goal. We have so much planned for you.

Who’s Behind Owner Magazine?

Me! I’m the publisher. Rob Hatch is my managing director and is stepping into an owner role himself for this project. We have editorial help from Sophie Lizard, and then, a whole SLEW of authors:

James Altucher
Bob Burg
Adam Bornstein
Donna Maria
Marsha Collier
Jacqueline Carly
Mike Damphousse
Dave Delaney
Jeff Goins
Charles H. Green
S. Anthony Iannarino
Jonathan Littman
Becky McCray
John Morgan
Dr. Terry Simpson
Tom Terwilliger
Alan Weinkrantz

And a few new writers joining us very shortly, as well.

So that’s a pretty decent group, right? Oh, and I’d HIGHLY recommend following all those folks above on Twitter. You’ll really appreciate the boost of brilliance and motivation you’ll get every day.

Take Ownership

Welcome to Owner magazine, and I really encourage you to sign up to receive the magazine via email, plus our newsletters. You’ll find a lot of business value, and connections to people who matter. It’s my promise to you.

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