Obama campaign on the hunt for social media pros

Let's say you are an unemployed, tech-savvy, twentysomething who pulled the lever for Obama in 2008 in hopes of change and a steady paycheck. Now it is 2011 and you are still an unemployed, tech-savvy, twentysomething who hasn't exactly been welcomed into the warm embrace of gainful employment by the White House's economic policies, well fret no longer for opportunity has finally knocked!

Last week the Obama re-election campaign announced job openings for "talented social media copywriters" to assist in the President's online efforts to sure up his liberal base in anticipation of next year's election. The campaign is on the hunt for "writers who can tell stories in 140 characters or less, put complex policy into Facebook-friendly terms, and help plan and create original content that people will be compelled to share with their friends," according to PolitickerNY.com.

The opening was first announced on the liberal/Democratic listserve "Jobs That Are Left" by the President's team last week. The posting notes that the ideal candidate will "formulate a social media plan for specific goals and audiences, write content for it with a clear, consistent voice, and analyze outcomes to make the next campaign even

The post notes that openings are for social media mavens of all experience levels, from junior staffer to seasoned experts. Salary is commensurate with experience and qualifications, and the campaign is also offering a benefits package.

Of course with the President's standing among the base of voters that sent him to the White House three years ago on increasingly shaky ground, this job hunt may be an opportunity for Team Obama to gauge the level of dedication and excitement among voters under the age of 35; as key a demographic as there is for Obama in next year's election.

Of course if you are someone with a wealth of social media expertise who has not been able to find or hold onto a job in the field over the last few years, it is fair to ask just how badly you want to see Barack Obama re-elected anyway. This is a question that David Axelrod and Co. hopes to see answered with a flood of resumes in the coming days and weeks, otherwise the President might have bigger worries than who will be doing his tweeting over the next few months.


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