10 Reasons the Human Capital Zeitgeist Is Emerging

(From Forbes) -- The race for skilled talent is picking up speed and could have long-term implications in the job market. A Human Capital Zeitgeist, is emerging as companies big and small are getting smacked with the realization that talent management is SO critical to competing in a volatile marketplace, they might actually have to throw a bit more respect at the “human” in the human capital equation. This socio-cultural shift must address the work-life merge and worker satisfaction, like never before. Imagine a new workforce era ruled by a culture where human capital is cherished, instead of demoralized and asked to do more –for less of a paycheck. Recent studies speak volumes. Despite what Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke described as “an uneven and modest recovery.” Fully engaged skilled employees are fast becoming a desperately needed commodity, even in a climate of high unemployment as I wrote in my recent Forbes post last month C-Suite Beware: This Could be the Year of the Employee Backlash. Read more.
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