10 Tips on Retaining Employees

(From Business Insider) -- You and the team worked extremely hard to turn an idea into reality. You may even think it is time to breathe a sigh of relief. The company is up and running now. However, your employees may have different ideas. Do you know what your employees are thinking, and are you worried about keeping them? Retention is paramount in any organization, and there are ways to ensure you retain your most outstanding employees.

1. Know Your Employees and Their Skills
Most well-trained employees will have other skills. When a unique situation arises, instead of hiring outside help for a short-term project, turn to the in-house talent. Let your people shine and offer them a chance to show off a little.

2. Employees Work for You, Not the Company
You may feel at times that your employees should have the same level of commitment as you. Why should they? They are not you, and they do not run the company. When employees quit they are quitting on their boss. They work for you, but they may not have the same level of commitment to the company as you. You cannot force anyone to have a passion for something. You and the company must earn that. Often times in large organizations you are the company as far as the employees are concerned.

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