Another Installment of DO YOU FIRE THIS GUY?

That's right - It's time for another installment of "Do you fire this guy?"

The topic this time is an easy target - the FedEx guy who throws a computer monitor over a gate during the holidays.

Hello...McFly....Those that can afford gates usually have sweet video systems watching the gate... Whoops...

Would you fire him?  Hit me in the comments, and as an added bonus below the video, I'm going to give you the top 5 reasons you wouldn't fire this guy (email and RSS subscribers may need to click through for the video).

Here's the top 5 reasons some of you would not fire that guy:

1.  The union contract is sticky related to due process for this type of thing.

2.  He's high risk from an EEOC standpoint.  You don't want the noise.

3.  He's shared some personal stuff with your team.  He's going through a rough patch.  You hate not to show support now.

4.  He claimed in the interview when you presented this video to him that his boss told him it was OK to pitch electronics over the fence to meet his production goals - after all, that s#*# is insured.

5.  His boss and team have proactively waged a campaign that while it's inexcusable, everyone deserves a second chance - even if they starred in a video that generated 8 Million views that damaged the brand on YouTube.

Actually, I'll give you 6 - Everyone does it.

You know you'd hear some of these.  Enough not to fire?

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