ask the readers: insecurity about a new job … and working on the down-low

I’m buried under a pile of work today, so I’m throwing this one out to readers to answer. A reader writes:

I’ve found myself in a weird situation that I’m not sure how to navigate. I’m new to my job (~3 months in), and a lot of what I’m doing is a stretch — not in the sense that I’m incompetent or incapable, but I’m still learning a lot and working really hard at things that would come more naturally to someone more seasoned.

To give myself a better sense of security, and possibly to assuage some of the happy-guilt I have at being in this job when there could be a more qualified candidate, I routinely work extra, at least a little every day. One night I stayed until 9:00 because I said I would finish a project by a certain (ambitious) date and I was taking scheduled, approved leave the next day. I foolishly sent an email with a timestamp which my manager saw, and I think he was confused why I didn’t report the hours. I didn’t really know how to explain myself because I’m obviously dealing with weird internal issues regarding work, self esteem and insecurity.

How should I move forward? HOW DO I STOP BEING WEIRD ABOUT THIS? Any advice or input would be so helpful.

Readers, do my job here!

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