ask the readers: what to do if you’re not good at your job

Throwing this one out to readers to weigh in on. A reader writes:

What should I do if I’m just not good at my job?

It’s an administrative assistant position that I obtained almost three months ago because I knew someone, and I already know how to do almost everything, with some exceptions and special cases and situations. The problem is that it requires certain skills that I either don’t have or have in small quantities. Predominantly, this position requires me to be on top of things constantly, from answering questions on the phone to making sure bills are paid, schedules are done, everything looks good, we have all the supplies, dealing with clients, etc. I admit I am struggling to juggle all the tasks simultaneously. I know I’m not stupid, but I guess multitasking isn’t my strong suit and my brain is more wired to really focus at the task at hand.

Is this something I will get better at as I am longer at this job? I’m doing okay, and I’m not worried I’m going to be let go anytime soon (since they really need to have the position filled). However, my goal is to eventually leave, and doing okay isn’t exactly going to open doors for me in other places.

Readers, what’s your advice?

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